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Returns & Exchanges

Once an item is personalized, it cannot be exchanged or returned for a refund.  However, we stand behind everything we sell so should a defect occur, please let us know so that we may send a replacement immediately.  In the event that we have shipped an incorrect item, we will be happy to send the correct item at our cost (excluding price differences if applicable).

Image Disclaimer

The images displayed on this site are digital representations of the products we offer.  While we have tried to make these images as accurate as possible, due to varying monitor settings, resolutions and manufacturing they are not intended to be exact replicas with regard to scale, placement, or color.

Pricing Disclaimer

The prices and items displayed on this site are subject to change.  While we try to keep them as accurate and current as possible, we reserve the right to adjust pricing as necessary.  In the event a typographical error is made regarding item prices or specifications, orders will be corrected and held until we are able to obtain your permission to continue.